Craigslist Atlanta

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Craigslist Controversies

When it comes to Craigslist Atlanta operations, at the head of the Craigslist controversies would be the accusation by Mayor Shirley Franklin of Atlanta in August 2007 that Craigslist Atlanta had a crucial role in supporting the growth of child prostitution in Atlanta. Considering Craigslist Atlanta has only been operational since April 2001, Craigslist controversies like this would be very damaging. Craigslist Atlanta may have also been affected by another of the Craigslist controversies – the accusation that fraudulent ads were being taken out by individuals on Craigslist personals forums to get sensitive personal data about respondents to the Craigslist advertisements.

Craigslist Nonprofit

Craigslist Atlanta could have benefitted from the positive image brought by the Craigslist nonprofit activities. One reason the Craigslist nonprofit organization is deemed a not-for-profit organization is that it derives its income only from certain paid ads in certain US cities. Jim Buckmaster (Craigslist CEO) claimed once that the Craigslist nonprofit organization is not that interested in profit-making activities. But some speculate the Craigslist nonprofit organization still rakes in pretty big annual revenues anyway, so possibly Craigslist Atlanta also benefits from such hefty numbers. There are only three board members (including eBay) who co-own the whole Craigslist organization at present.

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